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 Is a Mirror in the Dining Room Good Feng Shui? Have you at any point pondered about the feng shui of that mirror in your lounge area? Mirrors are one of the devices that feng shui professionals use to address or change the progression of qi in a space, and they have various purposes. Lounge areas, similar to all pieces of the house, are emblematic of specific parts of your life in feng shui, and a mirror can be set here with a particular feng shui significance or aim. Mirrors and Feng Shui Mirrors are frequently utilized in feng shui to highlight a region or to intensify the effect of a specific piece of the home. Contingent upon the goal behind the arrangement of a mirror, they can grow, shrivel, mellow, or twofold the things that they are reflecting. Mirrors are additionally associated with the water component, one of the five components we work with in feng shui for shop business , which has to do with shrewdness and new open doors. 9 Tips for a Feng Shui Living Room While setting